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Grade 2 Project


What are new, different and already effective ways to get all kids to read more? 



DRC Resources



Other Grade 2 Classrooms

Mrs. Bainbridge

Mrs. Watson

Mrs. T and Mrs. G at Mountain View

Mrs. Anderson (Coal Tyee, now retired)

Mrs. Shareski*

* Read what Dean Shareski (international speaker) writes about his wife's blog.  If you would like to set up a Posterous blog, I can help.

I Love 2 Teach


Working with Buddies

Cross-Grade learning implementation plan and lessons. http://www.npbs.ca/resources/cross-grade 


Lots of Books and Online Reading Games

Free accessible books (you can also make them):  http://tarheelreader.org/.  

TumbleBooks (and other fun sites):  http://learnnowbc.ca/learningcentre/sites.aspx  These resources are available through LearnNowBC.  These are great resources, too, to share with your families. 


Game Goo:  These games are from Earobics.  I’ll be interested to know what you think: http://www.earobics.com/gamegoo/gooeyhome.html



Nonfiction Reading Strategies

News Clues


Grade 2 Pinterest Board:  http://pinterest.com/sbeleznay/primary


Learning From Classrooms Project 


The Learning From Classrooms project helped struggling readers in British Columbia through teacher and student collaboration.



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