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Grade 4 Project


LITERATURE CIRCLES - documents generously shared by Mary-Lynn Epps

Sample Week Plan for Literature Circles:  Sample Week Plan for Literature Circles.doc

Grade Four Literature Books - Friendship: grade 4 Literature Bin Friendship.doc

Setting Comprehension Activity:  Setting Comprehension Activity.doc

Character Analysis:  Character Analysis.doc

Character Containers:  Character Containers.doc

Literature Circle Letters:  Criteria for Literature Circle Letters.doc

Double Entry Journal Developmental Stages: Double Entry Journals Developmental Stages.doc

Double Entry Journal Response Prompts: Ten Double Entry Journal Response Prompts.doc

Rules for Say Something: Rules for Say Something.doc

Selected Criteria for Teacher Observation and Peer Assessment Selected Criteria for Teacher Observation and Peer Assessment.doc

Selected Criteria for Self Assessment and Reflection  Selected Criteria for Self Assessment and Reflection.doc

Criteria for Literature Circle Meetings Criteria for Literature Circle Meetings.doc

Discussion Group (sophisticated group participant): Discussion Group.doc

Discussion Group Criteria:  discussion group criteria.doc

Lit Circle Class Checklist:  Lit circle class checklist.doc

Reading Response - Assessment Feedback:  Reading Response for Literature Feedback.doc

Criteria for Reading Response: Criteria for Literature Reading Responses.doc



Story Writing - Assessment Feedback Story Writing Feedback.doc



Step by step to create a community of learners: 4Cs.doc

Picture Book Anchor Texts for Community of Learners:  Grey Wolf's Search 


PINTEREST:  Anchor Charts, Ideas and Organization

To view posters from Mary-Lynn's room (and other posters and links from our global partners that might be useful), go to http://pinterest.com/sbeleznay/intermediate/


A great resource for posters (which includes my very favourite writing criteria poster) is from sd71: http://web.sd71.bc.ca/literacy/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Cataloque_2011_External1.pdf



Excellent Grade 4 Story Writing Lessons:  http://web.sd71.bc.ca/literacy/writing/grade-4/grade-4-story-writing/



Curriculum Resource Packages by Grade (in Word format): http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp/gc.php?lang=en

BC Performance Standards (Reading, Writing, Math, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, ICTI) with student examples: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/perf_stands/



Grade 4 (a start):  DRC RESOURCES Grade 4.doc



7 Compelling Reasons for Peer Learning



From the Reading Lady:  http://www.readinglady.com/mosaic/tools/tools.htm#2.

Critical thinking tools (and powerful lessons): http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/ssocirm/html/mtchartsummary/index.html.  




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