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Blogging for Educators



Blog Fact:  2/3 of bloggers are male.


Classroom Blogs

Ideas and Examples


Blogging with Students

Bill Ferriter's Teacher Tips for Blogging Projects

Sue Waters' Tips on Blogging with Students

Silvia Tolisano's Blogging Unit for Download

CTAP Blogging in the Classroom

Create a Class Blog:  http://theedublogger.com/2010/01/05/week-1-create-a-class-blog/.

Blogging is Elementary:  Guide to setting up a blogging project with elementary students.


Parent Permission and Student Guidelines

Guidelines for SD68:  guidelines for teacher using web for students.doc

Example letter to parents (secondary): Dear Parents.docx

Letter to parents of older students:  https://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfqjmd6d_20n395nc

Blogging Ethics:  blog ethics.docx

Blogging Guidelines Example

Parent permission example


Resources for Cyber-Awareness

Positive Digital Footprint:  Bill Ferriter's article reminds us of the importance of having a digital footprint. 

Are we a part of the problem?  George Couros suggests that we focus on teaching students the positive use of social media.

Staying Safe Online:  This is a (digital) binder of resources for educators, parents and students. 

Internet Safety with Garfield

Cybersafe with Steve Dotto



Commenting Criteria:  http://huzzah.edublogs.org/commenting-guidelines/

English 10 student co-created criteria:  An Excellent Blogpost.docx

Blogging Scope and Sequence 

Blog Entry Scoring Checklist:   blogentryscoringchecklist.pdf


Multiple Unique Email Addresses for Students


Blog Fact:  77% of Internet users read blogs.


Example Blogs



Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Bloggrade one

Huzzah! grade six

Keenley's Angels and Special K:  English 10 Literature Circles project blogs 

Linda's Viewpoint and Student blogs:  English 12 

Tara the Teacher:  Secondary English

SCC English:  Secondary English Department Blog

Extreme Biology:  Teacher and her high school science students

Woodchurch Science:  Practical blog that shares links, assignments and information.



The Blah, blah, blah blog:  a Librarians Network blog

The Unquiet Library:  high school library blog

The TL Weekly Special Report: Teacher-Librarian Mentorship/PD

The HHS Library Guild: high school library blog - shares events and book reviews

Cool Cat Reads and Paw Reads:  Student Book Reviews




Forest Green School Blog:  George Couros, elementary principal of Stony Plains, Alberta.  He also blogs at Principal of Change.

Learning the Now:  Gino Bondi, secondary principal of John Oliver Secondary School 

Culture of Yes:  Chris Kennedy, superintendent of West Vancouver School District

Connected Principals - a group blog

Why blog as an administrator?



School Counsellor Blog:  Professional ideas

Lassiter School Counselling Blog:  Information for students


How to Create Your Own Wordpress Blog

From Zero to Hero:  How to get started (and how to get fancy)

How to videos:  The blogger share with "parents and carers" why blog, is it safe and how to videos. 

Directions for Posting Blog Entries


Blog Fact:  One in five bloggers update their blogs daily.


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Mary Kretlow said

at 5:04 pm on Apr 26, 2010

The video about multiple email adressess was just what I was looking for. Eventually we will have email for all our students but until then I was looking for something like this. Great!!

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