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The desire to be more than ourselves has always been with us. In the old days, we stuck a lever under a rock in order to lift something

that couldn't be lifted directly by human effort. Today we plug our levers into a wall socket.

Jason Ohler



Digital Media: The Importance of Play and Collaboration in a Constantly Changing World


Watch the full episode. See more Digital Media - New Learners Of The 21st Century.




Check out this book with tools for primary, intermediate and secondary students.  Try some and comment here to let us know whic ones worked. 



Create personalized speaking avatars.  Kids (and adults) love them!  Check out the Voki Lesson Plan Data Base for amazing ideas.   Check out how Donna Anderson's grade two students have used voki's to introduce their portfolio pages. 



A number of us have been experimenting with Apple products (iPads and iPods).  We're sharing some of the apps we've found.  Are you playing, too?  Share your ideas.



Is this a tool worth purchasing in schools?




DIGITAL STORY TELLING:  the new story.





How to use Wordle

  1. Go to http://wordle.net/
  2. Select “Create.”
  3. Type words or phrases into the box [See tips below].
  4. Click “Go.”
  5. Select Font, Layout and Color.
  6. When you’re happy with your “Wordle,” take a Screen Shot (press the Print Screen - PrtScn - key on your keyboard.
  7. Open the Paint program (go to Start menu, All Programs, Accessories, then Paint)
  8. Paste the screen shot into a new document in Paint. (Right click and then paste or use the shortcut Control-V).
  9. Use the cropping tool to crop the portion you wish to keep.
  10. Right click on image and choose crop.  Save cropped image.   


Wordle Tips

  • Word size is determined by the number of times the word is used.
  • To connect words within phrases, use the following format:  Teaching~and~Learning.
  • It’s a good idea to save your words and phrases to a Word document, in case you need to start over.
  • When the format is the way you want it, use “Re-layout with current settings” or “Recolor” to make small changes.


Classroom Ideas

Thirty-Eight Interesting Ways to use Wordle in the Classroom

What is the title of this history essay? 







Comments (2)

kim needham said

at 7:26 pm on Nov 12, 2009

Just made my first 'Wordle'. I think the kids will LOVE this (teachers too!!!)

Donna Anderson said

at 5:41 pm on Mar 12, 2011

The Super Book of Tools is Amazing! Why reinvent the wheel? This book has been assembled by a group of experts who have already done all the leg work for educators. I already use voicethread, kerpoof, storybird and thinkquest. After reading through this book I gained a real insight into some basic understandings about using technology in classrooms and found many new programs to play with and see if they are suitable for my Grade 2 students. Donna Anderson

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